Monthly Archive: December 2009

Good bye 2009 0

Good bye 2009

I believe that the last few minutes of trading this year are a harbinger of 2010. Dow futures, 1-week (you might have to squint to see the final dive at the buzzer): Source: Interactive...

Cocoa cooling off? 0

Cocoa cooling off?

I follow all sorts of odd commodity futures, since the more you follow, the more set-ups you can potentially find. Cocoa got my attention a few weeks ago as it made a 30-year high...

Is the commodities rally done? 1

Is the commodities rally done?

Here’s the daily continuation chart of commodity index futures since July. Note the new highs on weakening momentum: Source: – The oil and base metals markets are similar. Here’s the base metal index,...

Nobody wants insurance 0

Nobody wants insurance

Put options are out of fashion, as shown by the 5-day average equity put:call ratio, which is again one standard deviation below its mean. Except for two brief touches, it has now been well...

A little anti-bankster populism 1

A little anti-bankster populism is apparently a grassroots movement to inspire people to withdraw their savings from the powerful mega-banks and to deposit it in local institutions. The premise is that the big boys blew the bubble...

Feedburner issue resolved 0

Feedburner issue resolved

Google’s purchase of Feedburner required some action on our part, but the email subscriptions should be working again. Thanks to Nico for the heads-up.