Monthly Archive: February 2010

1987 0


Since Graphite senses some parallels here, I thought I’d throw up a chart of the run-up to the crash of ’87: I was just a kid, but I remember watching the news that...

Yen and bonds, two of a kind 0

Yen and bonds, two of a kind

I don’t know exactly what to make of this pattern, but it is not unusual to see these two move together. As forms of cash, they each tend to do well when the deflation...

Pre-open Dow futures 1

Pre-open Dow futures

It would be very predictable if stocks just rolled back over and had a very bad day: Interactive Brokers The caveat of course is that yesterday was a powerful move up, hinting that there...

Some more Dow history 0

Some more Dow history

Continuing the top series… Be sure to look at the lines on these charts, including RSI trends. If you gave Paul Tudor Jones nothing but graph paper and a ruler and he would still...

Ramp update 0

Ramp update

Taking a breather at the 61.8% retracement level. A ramp like this can reverse fast, especially if it’s wave 2 of a 3rd wave down.