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Bristlecone Pine Tree 6

Bristlecone Pine trading

Hedge funds, mutual funds and active mangers underperform and overcharge, while a simple buy-and-hold strategy regularly sustains sharp losses and lengthy secular bear markets. So what’s an investor to do? For the rare individual who...

Secular Bear Markets (red) since 1900. Source: Crestmont Research 2

Chart: Secular Bear Markets Since 1900

I like this chart, but I would change one thing: the bear that started in 1929 could extend clear through to 1948 due to inflation and multiple compression. Inflation (regular CPI) has reached double...

Gold stocks oversold underloved 0

Gold stocks oversold and underloved

Sentiment and price action are extreme. Combined, they make a very strong case for a rebound. Gold stocks are also very cheap relative to the broad indices, as well as gold itself (which is...