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Secular Bear Markets (red) since 1900. Source: Crestmont Research 2

Chart: Secular Bear Markets Since 1900

I like this chart, but I would change one thing: the bear that started in 1929 could extend clear through to 1948 due to inflation and multiple compression. Inflation (regular CPI) has reached double...

Hussman: Market risk is extreme 2

Hussman: Market risk is extreme

John Hussman is the rare mutual fund manager who uses technicals and hedging to minimize risk and maximize returns during a full bull-bear cycle. He hedged up in 2000 and 2007 to preserve his...

That should do it for today. 0

That should do it for today.

Just put the hedges back on. Wouldn’t mind going long from these levels, even. Source: prophet.net But boy, hard selling across the board: stocks, metals, oil, currencies — nothing is excempt. But hurray for...