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Weakness developing in commodities 0

Weakness developing in commodities

Checking the 15-min bar chart, copper and oil are not looking too spirited. Here’s oil: – And copper, same scale: – And of course platinum and palladium are looking busted. Daily charts here. Platinum:...

Yen and bonds, two of a kind 0

Yen and bonds, two of a kind

I don’t know exactly what to make of this pattern, but it is not unusual to see these two move together. As forms of cash, they each tend to do well when the deflation...

Some more Dow history 0

Some more Dow history

Continuing the top series… Be sure to look at the lines on these charts, including RSI trends. If you gave Paul Tudor Jones nothing but graph paper and a ruler and he would still...

All she wrote? 0

All she wrote?

Interesting pattern here. If it holds up, we’re due to drop. If we break 1106, we could challenge 1112.

What does a top look like? 0

What does a top look like?

Some charts from historical tops in the Dow, starting with 1901: . The giant gap down above did not happen in a day. The government forced the closure of the NYSE on July 27...