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Ramp update 0

Ramp update

Taking a breather at the 61.8% retracement level. A ramp like this can reverse fast, especially if it’s wave 2 of a 3rd wave down. Prophet.net

Smackdown 1


This would be a pretty good way for a 3rd wave decline to start: Prophet.net See how the 30-min RSI called both the ramp off Monday’s low and the turn down yesterday? We’ve got...

5-wave impulsive decline in SPX 0

5-wave impulsive decline in SPX

Prophet.net Likely at least a bit more downside here, maybe even a trend lower all day to 1085. Adjust those stops though! This move now qualifies as complete, so we could snap up at...

Weekend charts 1

Weekend charts

When the short-term gets hazy, remember the big picture. The drop so far (about 6% in 12 days on a closing basis, 9% in 13 days intraday): Source: Prophet.net Here are the conditions I...

Ending diagonal 0

Ending diagonal

This is the last 5 days of the S&P 500: Source: Prophet.net From Elliottwave.com: Ending Diagonal An ending diagonal is a special type of wave that occurs primarily in the fifth wave position at...

Low in place? 0

Low in place?

We got our fifth wave down, then RSI turned up and we got a MACD buy signal on the 10-min bar: Source: prophet.net – I’m now fully hedged to defend my long-term options against...