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Relief rally coming? 0

Relief rally coming?

We’ve got a clear divergence on RSI now, as each impulse lower over this week has been weaker than the last. This is a sign to tighten up stops or close shorts. You could...

There’s that weakness in ES 0

There’s that weakness in ES

The short-term weakness in futures yesterday morning produced a 20 point drop overnight, and also painted a declining pattern in the 1-hour RSI. I covered an ES short in the low 1070s, since RSI...

Do we have a bottom? 1

Do we have a bottom?

It would be nice and tidy if this morning’s 1036 print on ES turned out to be the low for a couple of weeks or even a month or two. Stock indexes made a...

Enough sell-off for now? 2

Enough sell-off for now?

SPX futures are looking pretty oversold here, and you could say there’s a bit of negative divergence on the hourly: TD Ameritrade The US markets are actually among the least oversold around the world....

Bonds vs. stocks 2

Bonds vs. stocks

New lows for stocks overnight, and new highs for bonds (man, do I wish I hadn’t gone flat yesterday afternoon). By the way, that fractal played out, since the small decline into the close...

Risk vs. Safety 0

Risk vs. Safety

Talk about a tight relationship! Look at T-bonds vs. stocks for the last two weeks. Bonds in blue, stocks in purple: Source: Interactive Brokers