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Gold stocks oversold underloved 0

Gold stocks oversold and underloved

Sentiment and price action are extreme. Combined, they make a very strong case for a rebound. Gold stocks are also very cheap relative to the broad indices, as well as gold itself (which is...

2012-dec-rsi-divergence 1

Intermediate-term set-up for a gold rally?

Traders have been bearish on gold and gold stocks since late October, the longest stretch in recent years. All such previous instances were followed by significant multi-week rallies. Here’s a daily chart, showing some...

Gold stocks 0

Gold stocks

Nice entry with a clear stop for a short on GDX. Might have a channel forming off the highs: Prophet.net

Sailors be warned 9

Sailors be warned

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight Red sky at morn, sailors be warned. – Technical musings In recent trading days we have seen various indicators reach levels that, had they occurred together during another...