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Complacency still extreme 0

Complacency still extreme

Even if this is just a small correction in a continuing rally (which it is very dangerous to assume), the market has a lot of room left to shake things up. The 20-day average...

Max sell 5

Max sell

The put:call ratio, the best timing indicator I follow, bar none, is giving a screaming sell signal. Are there any bears left to take it? Indexindicators.com

VIX cycles 0

VIX cycles

No strong conclusions here, just some food for thought: c Prophet.net You can also see a possible 30-day pattern: 30 days down, then a ramp. Let’s put this in perspective. Here’s a 5-year weekly...

Options sentiment update 0

Options sentiment update

The 5-day average equity put:call ratio is now right at the mean: Source: indexindicators.com – You can see that the 20-day average still has a long ways to go, which means that the 5-day...

Suddenly, everyone wants puts! 0

Suddenly, everyone wants puts!

Gee, who would have thought? Here’s the trusty 5-day trailing average equity put:call ratio as of Thursday’s close (for some reason, indexindicators doesn’t update this until the next morning). CPCE doesn’t give sell signals...

Party like it’s July ’07 2

Party like it’s July ’07

I have been watching the parallels between the last few months and the first half of 2007, and they are still very close. The late June – early July 2009 drop lines up with...

Get ‘em while they’re hot 3

Get ‘em while they’re hot

5-day equity put:call is at max-sell level and won’t be here for long: Source: indexindicators.com – The last 6 months are still similar to February – July 2007, with this dip looking like July.

Old Faithful 3

Old Faithful

The 5-day trailing average equity put:call ratio strongly advises selling stocks: Source: indexindicators.com – This average doesn’t stay below 0.55 for very long. This doesn’t mean that the indexes can’t squeak out new highs...

Blow-off tops everywhere 42

Blow-off tops everywhere

Everywhere I look this morning I see spikes in risk assets: copper, silver, oil, the pound, stocks, credit, etc.  Copper and oil are moving tick for tick in lock step at the moment. These...