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Market Top Developing, December 2013 0

Top developing

An overbought market that has kept the vast majority of investors and traders in the bull camp for several weeks is to be viewed with suspicion. When prices also begin to lose their upward...

Max sell 5

Max sell

The put:call ratio, the best timing indicator I follow, bar none, is giving a screaming sell signal. Are there any bears left to take it? Indexindicators.com

2007 all over again 2

2007 all over again

This is a big, rounded top. It’s taking its time, though it is still compressed relative to the ’03 – ’07 cycle wave top. This week’s strength was very impressive and could mean new...

VIX cycles 0

VIX cycles

No strong conclusions here, just some food for thought: c Prophet.net You can also see a possible 30-day pattern: 30 days down, then a ramp. Let’s put this in perspective. Here’s a 5-year weekly...

Cleared to fall 0

Cleared to fall

A lot of markets have had more than sufficient clearing rallies, and their charts would exhibit a nice proportionality if they were to top right around these levels. I think it’s likely that they...